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Second hand Apple products

Here at Secondhand Malaysia, we have offers of almost every iPad, iPod and iPhones, either in used condition or as good as new. With our overview of all our Apple offers you can select whether or not you want to inspect iPhones or iPads with tags of types, price and more. We have hundreds of users selling hundreds of iPhones like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 and the catalogue is growing steadily.

Refurbished iPhones by retailers

Apart from our normal users, we also have retailers selling refurbished iPhones for a bargain. You can most of the times tell weither the seller is a professional or normal user by looking at their other Apple offers. A refurbished iPhone is a mobile device which was defect and has been repaired and clean by a, most of time official, Apple retailer. These second hand iPhones are most of the times as good as a new version but are sold at a lower price.

iPhones for a bargain price

While iPhones are a stylish gadget to have they are well known for being very expensive. Our users on Secondhand sell second hand Apple products, so they can buy the newest version but still make some decent money on their older version. This way you can buy one of the latest but still trendy iPhone like the iPhone 5s second hand for a price below normal retail pricetags.

Used iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 mobiles

Secondhand Malaysia contains the latest iPhones from Apple in used or good as new condition. There are multiple users selling the iPhone 6 with it’s improved durability. The iPhone 6 can run significantly longer while playing videos or music than it’s predecessor and has an even bigger screen. Buying such a second hand iPhone holds great value for you.

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