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Asus laptops

Asus delivers a good balance between quality and price with its N-series, K-series and X-series laptops. The aforementioned product series are useful for multimedia and office use. With the K- and X-series even being delivered with Windows for absolutely no extra cost. The ultra-thin Asus Zenbook lives up to its expectation of being a notebook with high performance, quality glass finish and picture perfect detail screen. If you are looking for a great performance laptop qualified for demanding applications and games the Asus Gaming series laptops are just the thing for you.

Acer laptops

The Taiwanese electronics brand Acer creates laptops that are famous for being catered to a large audience. Acer truly offers a solution for any type of notebook user. The cheap notebook models such as the classical Aspire are built for users who a less demanding. Aspire can help save a lot of money, while still delivering high and stable performance. For those more demanding users who value a sleek design and offer a high performance, Acer created the Nitro and Ultrabook. For the traveling and mobile user Acer introduced the product lines Chromebook and Aspire Switch. These products allow you to easily turn your notebook into a tablet, with great value hardware.

Toshiba laptops

Toshiba laptops enable you to be productive in any environment while getting the best performance available for its price. Toshiba markets these cloudbook notebooks under the name Chromebook. It is perfectly designed for high security internet operations while enabling the power of the cloud, automatic backups and giving the user an extremely large storage space. Toshiba has its own product line of ultrabooks with their extremely thin screen and keyboard, making it perfect for travel and business. Toshiba’s flagship notebook the Satellite is available in a large price range but always offers a good price/quality combination.

Gaming laptops

Games are demanding, notebooks with high detail 4K screen size can help you gain the best experience. Essential hardware is needed to get the most out of modern games, including multi cores processors, high value RAM memory and blazingly fast read and write times on hard-drives. Gaming notebook tend to be a bit bigger in screen size and also support a numpad, which helps you control games like they are meant to be. Furthermore, the gaming laptops offer many connections for USB devices, so that you can connect your own mechanical keyboard or mouse with high DPI.

Used laptop deals

Secondhand Malaysia offers a wide variety of used and new laptop deals from popular brands such as Apple, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Dell and HP. Sellers are encouraged to place well-written descriptions and photographs helping buyers in their laptop comparison for secondhand laptops. When buying a used product always check if the seller is verified and the products are original, according to the description, don’t require repairs. When buying a laptop, we advise to never fulfill down payments or send money before actually receiving the product.

Refurbished laptops

Once you have decided which laptop model you wish to buy, always make sure you check first if there’s an offer with refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are notebooks that went the original manufacturer and were repaired but never returned to the owner. This can happen for several reasons. For example, if the repair takes too long the factory might decide to send a new one. It’s important to note that even though the laptop was repaired and not working correctly, refurbished laptops are checked thoroughly for any problems. And therefore are a great affordable alternative to buying a new laptop. Refurbished laptops should be sold with a short warranty on general failure of hardware, which is usually 3 months.

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